Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner


“Italy” the name itself already arises the feeling of romance, amore… Italy is known for having one of the best cuisines in the world, for its excellent wines, long beaches, characteristic places, soft hills and picturesque vineyards.

“The land where the lemons grow“, with its very unique lifestyle, beauty and cheerness. Italy is just irresistible.

The Canary Islands

“…where the red sun kisses the sea at night“. The landscape creates surreal pictures on the islands Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Long beaches, mountains, dreamy valleys… We never get tired of the variety it offers.

The fact that the sun shines for more than 300 days a year, guarantees stable weather which is already a great condition for a successful party.

wedding planer Italy
wedding planer  Gran Canaria
wedding planer  Canary Islands

Full Package

It is important to have a contact person on-site which you can rely on and who speaks your language…
as well as the language of your wedding destination. We suggest you to take advantage of our experience.

Let your wedding be organized by a competent and experienced partner, who is able to cope with the Southern mentality, and your party will become a great success.
Planning a private party is always exciting. It takes many hours to have everything organized the way you want it to be without exceeding the budget. As event planner we take our task very seriously.

A summary of planning steps and support we offer

  • The wedding concept – theme development and design of the party
  • A schedule and coordination you can rely on
  • The choice of your venue
  • We have the right location for every taste and budget
  • Budget planning and management
  • we are happy to tailor our quotes to your budget
  • Transparency
  • Thanks to our transparency you have a constant overview of the costs
  • Coordination and booking of the desired location
  • If you need an accommodation for yourself and for your guests, please take advantage of our experience
  • We are happy to assist you when making your guest list and guide you through the creation of invitation cards as well as “save-the-date“ cards
  • We help preparing documents, licenses and applications
  • Choice of- and contracting and negotiation with restaurants and catering companies
  • Plan activities and excursions for your guests
  • We provide ideas and suggestions for your honeymoon in Italy and on the Canary Islands
  • Knowledge, supervision, versatility, inventiveness, patience and finest coordination of organization
  • Innovative and competent advice on every detail, including quotes for menus, music, photographer, hairdresser etc.

We offer a complete package of wedding planning, consultancy and coordination so that you can enjoy your party together with your guests.

A la Carte Package

You don’t have enough time or simply don’t feel like planning your party and need professional support for single services such as: the paperwork for the civil or the religious marriage, interpreters, arrangement with town halls etc.

We will be happy to send you a tailored offer.


Perhaps you already have a personal vision of your celebration: the venue, the colors, shapes and designs. Working together it will be like creating a mosaic picture, we build up your dream wedding or your special event step after step, putting together very single detail. You can rely on our creativity and experience concerning decorations, music, photography, hairdressing, culinary delights and much more.

Every event is UNIQUE – just the way you are.

We are looking forward to your party.


Do you have questions about our service?

For the organization of your party, trust a partner who has experience and competence and knows how to handle the mentality of the South, so that your party becomes a unique moment in your life.