Love Stories

Our customers’ privacy is very important to us and that’s why we publish only some “love Stories”. I will be pleased to send you further references upon request.
On this behalf, we would like to thank all our couples for their lovely words we’ve received both by email and by ordinary mail.
Thank you for the confidence you have placed in us!


Dear Elisabeth, dear Carmen!

Caronlin and myself want to take the chance to again express in a written way what we already stated many times during our wedding in Roma.
Before we met you both we were absolutely not sure if it will be possible to organise and celebrate our wedding far away from home. Already after some minutes we were conviced: you are the ones we need to get the ceremony and the party running!
There was exactly this kind of trust we needed to go on with the invitation to almost 60 people to come to Roma joining us for the most important event up to now in our life!

Every time we met you in the following months you have proven it was absolutely worth to trust in you. We are still deeply impressed of the extraordinary professionalism you provided to us during the time you prepared our wedding.
It was not only support you gave to us: there was full understanding of what we want to get and of what is needed to make our wishes come true. Your knowledge about the town, your experience in handling the restaurant people for perfect dinner, the intensive support you gave to all the women when they had to find a hair dresser and when they then had to explain and to discuss with the hair dresser the hair cut. Last but not least you were great in arranging the ceremony in the church including the flowers, the music and the professional fotographer.

You built the perfect frame and content for our wedding. Let me also tell you that all our guests are fully sharing our perception. You have to keep in mind that they had to travel up to thousands of kilometers to join us. Full of happiness, everybody extremely enjoyed the time (‘it was like a perfect holiday trip with an incredible highlight’ was only one of the reactions) and time passed by much too fast.

We will always stay in dept to you – THANK YOU!

In love,

Carolin & Gregor

Liebe Elisabeth
Unsere Hochzeit wird uns immer in allerschönster Erinnerung und gut behütet in unserem Herzen bleiben.
Die Zeit vergeht – die Liebe bleibt.
Ganz im speziellen möchten wir dir ein besonderes Dankeschön aussprechen! Für deine stets fachkompetente Beratung und hilfreichen Gespräche, die Ruhe, Geduld und Zeit, die du dir immer für uns genommen hast, egal ob per skype oder bei den Vorbereitungstreffen sowie am Hochzeitsfest selbst. Vielen herzlichen Dank, dass du uns geholfen hast unsere Traumhochzeit so einzigartig zu gestalten.


Jasmina & Heinz

Dear Elizabeth,
we would like to thank you so much for organizing our wedding in Tuscany. Both the get together evening at I’Massini and the ceremony at Villa Paterno were amazing.
You and your team together with your network of great partners made those days absolutely unforgettable, both for ourselves and our guests. Some of them already told us that after this brilliant wedding there is no chance that my wife and I will ever get invited to their wedding. Can there be a greater compliment?
I don’t even know where to start and I am so sure, I will miss something, memories are still to fresh and overwhelming:
The both Villas are brilliant locations, no movie maker could come up with something more romantic. Thank you also for helping us build a relationship with the owners of the two places, we understand that this is crucial in Italy.
Due to our jobs, my wife and I made experiences with many caterers and restaurants, but Flavio and his team from the caterer were among the very best we have met so far. The food was delicious and their service great (they were always there when you needed something but for the rest of the time, you hardly noticed them). GREAT GUYS!!!
Domenico is not just a brilliant photographer, he is an artist!
You and your team perfectly handled the numerous inquiries from our guests, made sure that – although spread out over a couple of hotels – no one ever got lost and helped everybody to simply have a jolly good time!
We quickly realized what an asset you were in helping us navigate the particularities of the Italian market and we appreciated your many great ideas (I can tell you, kids LOVE the LED balloonsJ) and honest feedback on our queries.
Words can’t express the joy we feel about those wonderful days with our friends and families and we know that without you and your team this would not have been possible.

Verena & Sven

Liebe Elisabeth
Auf diesem Weg ein herzliches Dank für deine wunderbare Hilfe im Vorfeld. Es hat so viel Spass gemacht und du wirst uns fehlen.


Lore & Andreas

Liebe Elisabeth,

zurück aus dem Honeymoon sind wir sofort wieder im Arbeitsalltag abgetaucht!

Nichtsdestotrotz möchten wir nun die Chance ergreifen und uns nochmal explizit bei Euch bedanken!!!

Wir hatten ein grandioses, entspanntes und sehr persönliches Hochzeitswochenende; Eure Planung, die Auswahl der Dienstleister und die Begleitung am Wochenende an sich hat dies alles überhaupt so möglich gemacht!

Vielen Dank nochmals, es war toll, dass Ihr Teil unseres “Wedding Teams” wart!

Liebe Grüße,

Tessa & Klaus

Hallo liebe Elisabeth,

wir möchten uns bei dir ganz herzlich für die tolle Unterstützung bei der fast einjährigen Vorbereitung unserer Hochzeit als auch der perfekten Gestaltung und Organisation unserer Hochzeitsfeier bedanken!!! Die Zusammenarbeit mit dir hat uns sehr viel Spaß gemacht und wir waren fast ein bisschen wehmütig als sich nach unserem wunderschönen Hochzeitstag dieser tolle Lebensabschnitt dem Ende neigte. Bei dir haben wir uns von Anfang an gut aufgehoben und verstanden gefühlt und du warst immer für uns da! Unsere Treffen haben uns immer sehr viel Spaß gemacht, es war zu keiner Zeit stressig; im Gegenteil, es kam uns immer wie Urlaub vor!!! Du beherrschst dein Handwerk perfekt und wir konnten dir diese große Aufgabe bedenkenlos anvertrauen, welche du mit Bravur gemeistert hast. Du warst für uns eine so große Hilfe, hast unsere Ängste und Bedenken im Keime erstickt und wir konnten unseren Tag einfach nur genießen, dafür können wir dir nicht genug danken und können nur jedem empfehlen dich und dein Team zu engagieren! Es war so traumhaft wie wir es uns erhofft hatten und bedauern nur, dass es so schnell vorbei gegangen ist… Wir wünsche dir alles erdenklich Gute, wir werden dich nie vergessen und wenn wir wieder etwas in Italien feiern möchten werden wir uns gerne wieder an dich wenden!

Herzliche Grüße aus Unterhaching,

Steffi & Alex