Are you looking for a symbolic marriage, regardless of religion and church?
A symbolic wedding offers the ideal alternative to the religious ceremony – we are speaking of a solemn ceremony tailored to your wishes and as unique as you are.

Symbolic weddings are becoming more and more popular.

Why? Easy:

The first step is the civil wedding, which is the legal foundation of marriage.
With the civil wedding, your life together becomes legally recognized.
It is usually very “sober” and based on legal texts.

Freien Trauung

In order to give your special moment a solemn and very personal setting you want a symbolic wedding, a ceremony that underlines the first step into your life together.

A symbolic ceremony offers the opportunity to shape texts and words and to write very personal and meaningful vows before you say „I do“.

Not to mention the fact that the symbolic wedding can take place anywhere, including the place you’ve always dreamt of.

There is no such thing as a traditional job description of the freelance speaker and the celebrant.

It is more a question of vocation and talent to grasp special emotional life moments, to tell anecdotes and to prepare a solemn ceremony that will be remembered by everyone.

Stylish – fresh – emotional – real.

I, Elisabeth, offer free weddings in German and English on the Canary Islands.

The Talento Weddings team includes some freelancers happy to work with you in order to prepare a wonderful and very personal symbolic ceremony in Italy.

Not only weddings

There are so many occasions for a very personal ceremony, the words of which accompany, remember, cheer and touch us.

These include, among others:

  • Renewal of the vows
  • Your second „I do“
  • Anniversaries such as silver wedding, gold wedding or an anniversary in general.

I look forward to your contact and a first, non-binding conversation to get to know each other via video call.

Symbolic wedding ceremony

The basic structure of a free wedding and the play out.

Entrance – bride and groom walk down the aisle according to the traditional version or someone (the father or another important person) accompanies the bride to the altar where the groom is already waiting for her.

Greetings – the officiant welcomes the couple and their guests.
Your personal story – how you met, the first kiss, the proposal, important events, etc.

Speech – a moment for philosophy, some verses of the Bible, poems or your personal thoughts to express your love to your partner.

Wedding ceremony – this is the time in the wedding ceremony structure to express your love and make some promises to your future spouse and to exchange the rings.
(I do not offer rituals such as the sand ritual, knot ritual, fire ritual, etc.) Before starting the journey you are about to embark together I would like to give you some reference points as a very personal guide for your marriage. We will choose them together.

Signing of the certificate – you will receive a certificate as a reminder of your symbolic wedding ceremony.

Prayers and blessings – groomsmen, friends and family members have the opportunity to give their personal contributions.

Closing remarks of the symbolic wedding
Recessional and congratulations

You decide the list of your wedding songs.

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For the organization of your party, trust a partner who has experience and competence and knows how to handle the mentality of the South, so that your party becomes a unique moment in your life.