Getting Married in Italy

Your wedding in Italy – so beautiful you wish you could paint it. Italian flair, cypresses, lemon trees, olive groves, vineyards, sun and the sea. Italy, the country of the “Dolce Vita” and “Amore” is certainly one of the most popular destinations for your very special day.

Italy in its diversities offers an unforgettable, unique experience for any kind of wedding or private party.

Getting Married in Italy

Wedding Ceremonies in Italy

There are various options to get married in Italy. You can either have a religious, civil or symbolic ceremony.
We will send you the list of the required documents according to your nationality and desired ceremony. We are glad to guide you through the paperwork. You can relax and let an expert help you.
Civil Weddings in Italy are legally recognized in your country.


For more and detailed information regarding the possibilities to get married in Italy please see below

Civil Marriage in Italy

The civil marriage in Italy will also be legally valid in your native country. The documents you need depend also on your nationality. We help you collecting all the documents and submit the copies to the registry office for a first check. According to the Italian law the woman keeps her birth name.
Change of names can easily be requested after the wedding in your home country. The Italian registry offices often charge fees the so called wedding tax. These vary, from town hall to town hall. There are no fix fees. Some of the registry offices might ask you to show up personally 1-2 days before the wedding, together with the interpreter.

Gay Wedding in Italy

Same-sex couples have the opportunity to marry in Italy now. However, that is a “civil union”. A civil union (also known as a civil partnership) is a legally recognized arrangement similar to marriage, created primarily as a means to provide recognition in law for same-sex couples. Civil unions grant most or all of the rights of marriage except the title itself.
Many jurisdictions with civil unions recognize foreign unions only if those are essentially equivalent to their low.

Getting Married in Italy

Religious Wedding in Italy

The civil wedding must procede the church wedding. You either get legally married in your home country or you opt for the civil and ecclesiastical wedding in Italy. Catholic weddings have to take place in a consecrated place, that is in church. If you want your church wedding to be legally recognized, you need to get married with a civil wedding before.
In some cases, you may be able to celebrate both ceremonies at once. Protestant and Anglican weddings can be celebrated in any location.

Exception: catholic weddings can also be legally binding in Italy. The so-called “matrimonio concordatario”. Ask us for further information.

Symbolic Wedding in Italy

The symbolic wedding can be Christian or secular. If you want we will forward you the contact of the celebrant with whom we work in Italy. But you can also bring your own celebrant.